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using proof of planting

Plant real, verified trees

Replant World uses tree capture technology to guarantee your impact is fully realised & our tree planting partners methods can be trusted.


Trusted by

Our Impact Guarantee

Every tree is captured, geo-tagged
and sent to you, as proof of planting.


Nature Tech


Visual impact to inspire your
company & customers.


Every tree can be seen on a satellite map.


Zoom-in to discover the species & location.

Tree Capture


Breaking new ground with
digitised tree planting.


Trees are photographed as they're planted.


Then uploaded for our expert team to verify.


Tree Tokens


Your trees are verified against the highest of standards.


Every tree capture is independently assessed.


If verified, it's turned into a unique tree token.

Your Growth


As your trees grow, so will your social.


Share tree tokens via links, QR & automation.


Easily manage campaigns with traceable data.


Plant trees that you can see


Our Impact Guarantee

Climate solutions that address the problem.

We present science & solutions that empower
people & businesses to reduce climate impacts.

  • Do you work with Indigenous Communities?
    Yes we do! Our focus at Replant World is to work with growers from indigenous communities, youth climate movements and people living beneath the poverty line! Why have we chosen these groups? Because indigenous peoples have incredible knowledge about the ecosystems in which they still live and historically have been the earth's greatest defenders. While the Climate Youth Movement has improved public awareness of the Climate Crisis tenfold and young humans naturally deserve our support. Lastly we acknowledge our 'privilege' and want to address social injustice and people living in poverty. Providing an income for these communities helps build resilience and stops encroachment by logging, mining and agriculture.
  • How much Carbon Dioxide will my trees absorb?
    The short answer is 10-40kg per year depending on the environmental conditions and whether the tree is a slow growing (hard wood) or a fast growing (soft wood) species. Replant World planting plans are based on trees absorbing an average of 25kg per year for a lifetime of 40 years, which totals 1 ton of CO2. *For the long answer click HERE
  • Will planting trees really help global warming?
    Yes it will, our ocean, soils and trees use carbon dioxide as a building block for life! The problem is, the quantity of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is far too great and we need to increase earth's capacity to mop up the pollution from our dirty lifestyle and industries! *For all the techno futurists out there :) Plants are earths original technology. Appearing 450 million years ago they have evolved in symbiosis (close association) with all life. Carbon Sequestration technologies can only compliment natures power, they simply will not handle the scale of this job.
  • I've subscribed to a plan, when will I receive my tree tokens?
    Thanks for planting trees with us and starting your Net Zero Future. We will now connect with our global network of growers and organise a planting schedule for the duration of your subscription. Our aim is to send you tokenised proof of planting (verified photos, location, species name & growers name) within one month.
  • What do survival rates mean?
    Survival rates refer to trees surpassing infancy and continuing on their path to maturity. Even in pristine forests, young trees will die due to predation by insects and animals, a lack of sunlight from the forest canopy or insufficient water and nutrients in the soil.
  • Where will my trees be planted?
    Replant World likes to focus on Rainforests which have the highest concentration of terrestrial biodiversity (plants and animals) on earth. They are also our most powerful carbon sinks and home to many well preserved indigenous cultures. Rainforests are mostly located in the 'tropical band' so countries such as Africa, South America and Indonesia where the 3 largest rainforests are located in Brazil, Congo Basin and Borneo.

Poverty, Preservation & Climate

The communities we work with are chosen carefully.

How much CO2 does a tree absorb?

For the tree lovers who have to be somewhere in 15 minutes, the quick
answer is approximately 25kg per year. For the rest of you, click below.

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